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Shahrzad and the mystery man in the Iron Mask, or madness serious delusions of power.

You know this is Shahrzad, it is sometimes unbearable, uncontrollable, swirling, unpredictable, restless, and yet still so adorable. Like its accuracy. The famous Sherlock Holmes would probably have liked the court and share with her adventures. There are women like that. They like a straw at your fingertips and they use it to stir the neurons of their lovers. They love to blow the fire in people's minds. They keep coming back to the load. Poor Sherlock, he probably would not have the distance. I'm kidding.

past few days already, Shahrzad uses once more my fingers to probe one of the mysteries of history, a famous mystery, that of the Iron Mask. This puzzles of great writers like Voltaire, Dumas Pagnol for example, that proposed solutions but none seem convincing. Why did Louis XIV, absolute monarch, ruling monarch challenged from the outset, had he used this terrible way to frighten his opponents? That's what intrigues Shahrzad is what she wants to know. She immediately made a comparison between the murderous paranoia of the Caliph Harun Al Rashid, it treats the case in Baghdad, is its main function, and what seems to be also a form of mental illness among the Sun King . The power to assert must be feared at first, trying to make love Then, it is about survival and it is already a form of murderous madness in itself.

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Those at the top of pyramids of power are they ( are they) all crazy and very dangerous even crazy? Shahrzad is the reasoning. It is always straightforward and that's what amuses me most about this Newton feminine, she hates appearances. Of course, it is easy to detect the paranoia of a Stalin or a Hitler, to calculate the damage amounting to millions of victims, but this is still an amazing thing at Shahrzad, its way of reasoning, it seeks the advantage. For her, the disease follows an order, protect First one who develops and incubates. C3% AFa

The paranoia is not the only form of mental illness which is "to protect" women or men greedy for power and that seem to follow only one goal, to reach the top of the pyramid, where they think is more sheltered, the most enjoyable place for them, because it is a form of research pleasure.

The lethality is observed in the elimination of rival clans opposing it leads to absolutism and a vast solitude, he is de facto to the desert around us, to accept as submitted harmless, neutered next to the power itself. It is a paradox of these mental illnesses that produce the opposite of what is desired by the patient. Not easy to keep a foothold in reality. Louis XIV and Harun Al Rashid, however, will come to get away, to take advantage of this form of drama he must live. How? Because it will be very well supported, because they find a stable anchor in love. This will create two different kinds of civilizations pinnacle of enlightened absolutism, with the final explosion artistic and cultural advances in all kinds areas. Louis XIV did not say "the state is me" as they wanted him to say, but in his will on his deathbed, he confided that he was only the first servant of the state, nothing else.

One of the commonest forms of madness of power is the loss of contact with reality. This leads to exaggeration, manipulation, conspiracy holds that power itself always like bad dreams he seeks to exorcise. It is normal to be so because the authority is a form of illusion. It can not be sustained by generating illusions, and often all sorts of propaganda which are only delusions actually. Hitler confessed: "Moreover, these delusions are bigger and they will be easy to ensure that the people do own these delusions!"

And it makes a big difference between the Kings, the true guides of their people and the insane criminals who have lost their footing, it is the difference between a Louis XIV and Joseph Stalin for example. The king, the first servant of the people, therefore, is one who knows how to govern by the imagination is that which is feared by the imagination.

Harun Al Rashid, the caliph madman who cut off the heads of his wives on the first night. Shahrzad in the story, she creates an imaginary fun. Which can then know what is true or not in this story. It does not matter, the nation has its share of dreams, he dreams even awake and he smiles, he laughs very good heart tales, fables and fabrications, delusions and other inventions Shahrzad.

Man in the Iron Mask, what an incredible stroke of genius!

Who had the idea? Really this is the most interesting in this story. What message is the first question that comes to me. It seems very simple. My absolute king, I can not just take your freedom, lock you up for life if that is my desire, but I can also make you disappear, remove your identity. Voltaire did not make a mistake. The Iron Mask is the best symbol of absolute power. But all the intelligence of King Louis XIV, will remain at a symbol and why it was still only need one.

Yes, the history of the Iron Mask is a stroke of genius, an extraordinary conspiracy of royalty, a staging. It is almost Molière, but no, I do not think either that Molière ale designed it, no, I rather think of Louis XIV himself. Why? Just because this iron mask or thick black velvet or leather, is a ritual known among sado masochistic and it is even a sort of archetype in this kind of sexual practices. We recover here some features of behavior of the Sun King.

Man in the Iron Mask, a certain form of humor.

I am surprised that Voltaire, Dumas, Pagnol, and many other famous writers did not report it. If, however, there is a rumor. Molière would have been the man in the iron mask. After all, why not. A valet was enough to play this role full time. Guests pass the distinguished guests who wanted to live the strange experience of confinement, the total loss of identity, hidden in a secret cell of the kingdom, which no one could cry out, should not be missed. I find Molière pretty crazy for wanting to experiment in connivance with Louis XIV. Yes you can. Louis XIV tried it you it too? It is more than capable too.

What matters in this symbol is that the people perceive humor, humor very fine, very fine, a comedy that casts doubt. It's very similar with the 1001 nights Shahrzad. The Caliph's crazy, it can cut the head of whoever he wants, when he wants, he has the right, authority. Yet the Caliph shows that it is truly a great king, he does not use this power, he plays, he plays with it, it encourages the freedom to think and create in respect for his authority. It is a form of balance, harmony, recall the rules.

peoples in their care have preferred to show the Kings, from time to time, at the option of revolutions, they too could cut their royalty when they wanted.

(C) Ivano Ghirardini, February 27, 2011

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